Laid Off? Prepare For Your Kids To Turn Into Assholes, Says ‘Emotional Intelligence’ Expert

An ’emotional intelligence’ expert says that if you’ve lost your job, it’s your duty to help your family cope with your loss. (First of all, what the heck is an emotional intelligence expert? Maybe our EQ isn’t high enough to understand this but didn’t these people once go by “therapist” or “psychologist” or something?)

Er, anyway…this expert says, quite rightly, that if you lose your job, your family is going to be stressed out too. But then she goes on to say that you’ve got to be especially careful with your kids because “most children are egocentric.”

And on: “For example, if ‘Mom’ loses her job, a teenager’s main concern may be that ‘Mom’ won’t have the money to buy her a prom dress. Such situations are difficult for both the family and the job seeker, all of whom are trying to cope with the changes in the financial situation and lifestyle.”

You know what we think? We think that if you’ve lost your job you have the RIGHT to be stressed out, especially if your kids are such jerks that all they can think about is prom dresses.

photo: *Saffy*