Local Paper Offers Grim Lafayette Assessment

On the first Sunday following, the Shreveport Times paints a worrisome front-page picture.

ShreveportTimes_07_26On the front page of Sunday’s Shreveport Times, the headline makes abundantly clear the gist of Adam Duvernay’s analysis. It reads: “Grand 16 Shooting WON’T CHANGE A THING.”

From the piece:

“Nothing at all will change. It never does,” said Bob Mann, a political observer, journalist and chair of LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication. “We cry and hug and shrug and move on. It’s the American way.” …

In 2013, people killed 446 people in Louisiana with guns, according to statistics collected by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. By body count, that placed Louisiana 7th in the nation. In terms of murders per 100,000 residents — 9.6 — the Bayou State was 1st.

“By the time you add it up, we have a mass killing every month in this state,” Mann said. “We need to stand back and look at our problem holistically.”

Another expert told Duvernay that a familiar post-shooting pattern will play out. Politicians, after a grieving period made to last as long as possible, the discussion will be steered towards mental health, race, criminal background and so on. Anything, Josh Sugarmann suggests, but the topic of guns.

Another mass shooting pattern has already held true at the Grand Theatre: the lethal combination of a semi-automatic weapon and high-capacity magazines. Solid piece by Duvernay, who gives Louisiana Shooting Association president Dan Zelenka plenty of space to make opposing points and paints a sorry picture of state gun laws with the help of Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence staff attorney Ari Freilich. According to Freilich, Louisiana has the “weakest gun laws in the nation.”

In the comments, reader Mel De Soto questions the placement of Duvernay’s article:

Why is this article not in the opinion section? Adam wrote a thought-provoking article but with a title that gave his opinion of a conclusion of the aftermath of the mass shooting. He didn’t even emphsize that the shooter did not buy his gun in Louisiana and did not grow up or ever have a permanent address in Louisiana, but he lumped this shooting in as if this one was due to bad Louisiana laws.

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