Lady Gaga’s First Column for V is Better Than You

At the end of March, FishbowlNY told you how Lady Gaga was going to start contributing to V Magazine because no one reads it and the magazine was desperate for attention. Er, because Gaga has a lot to say about fashion. It was one of those two. Whatever the reason was, the time has finally arrived and thanks to Gawker, we can now read her column.

You can digest all 1,445 words and two footnotes of it if you want, but we can summarize it for you: Essentially Gaga writes as pretentiously as possible, lecturing readers about how much fashion knowledge she has and why she’s so transcendent as an artist.

Here’s one quick quote, because we don’t think it deserves much more: “Any writer, or anyone for that matter who doesn’t understand the last two sentences of this column should NEVER be writing about or critiquing fashion or artists in publication.” An ALL CAPS declaration!

So yeah, Gaga’s first column is pretty much what you’d expect.