Lady Gaga to Become World's Most Popular Twitter User

Gaga, oh la la indeed. Lady Gaga is poised to become the reigning queen of Twitter within less than 24 hours. Her online presence is growing to unheard-of proportions, and this latest Twitter news further cements her as the celeb du jour online. On Twitter, the only user who has more followers than Gaga is Britney Spears, who has been the number one Twitter user for the past three months since taking the crown from Ashton. And it appears that the crown will be making another move to Gaga as soon as she gathers a few more fans – not a tough feat for the most popular person on Facebook, too.

The announcement comes from Famecount, a service that analyzes the most popular celebs, sports teams, movies and more across an array of social networks. According to Famecount’s statistics, Lady Gaga is already the most popular person online when adding up her Facebook, Twitter and Youtube stats. She is officially the queen of social media.

On June 25th Gaga surpassed Barack Obama as the most popular living person on Facebook. The only pages that have more fans than Gaga as of today are Facebook’s own page, Michael Jackson’s page, and Texas Hold’em Poker’s page (this last one boasts a whopping 23 million fans to Gaga’s 16, so she still has quite a way to go). But with the upcoming Twitter accolade, Gaga will add “most popular everywhere” to her “most popular on Facebook” award.
With tweets like:

“Just emerged from studio bender to hear we won two teen choice awards. Thank you for believing in me little monsters! I’m your hooker. X”


“VEGAS tonight, gambling and inappropriate attire to ensue. why am i so jealous of strip club stage production.”

There’s no doubt that her Twitter account is an entertaining one to follow. If you want to be part of the 10,000 or so more fans she needs to surpass Britney, you can follow her @Ladygaga.