Lady Gaga Stops by MIT Museum to Check Out New Polaroid Archive

After signing up as the rebooted Polaroid‘s new Creative Director, and throwing in a little product placement in her “Telephone” video, Lady Gaga kept to her contractual obligations this week by popping into the MIT Museum to see their new Polaroid archive, which was acquired by the museum back in May and is set to going on exhibition in 2013. Gaga was in Boston for her tour (which also features the company’s brand prominently displayed) and she attended a private walk through and posed for a large-format photo using an original vintage Polaroid which will be displayed in the future exhibition, says the Boston Herald. The paper also reports that she attended a meeting with the company’s chairman and that the signer has been actively involved in business matters and product development. Here’s a bit:

A new line of Polaroid and Gaga co-branded products will start hitting stores in November.

“The products developed with Lady Gaga are very much focused on instant imaging and video technology,” president Scott Hardy said. “They’re going to remain very true to the heritage of Polaroid, but with a digital twist.”