Lady Gaga Is the New Voice Against California’s Drought. Kinda.


Yeah, we smell something fishy going on too. 

“Brave.” “A voice for the voiceless.” “Standing up for us all.”

These are terms from loons clamoring about Lady Gaga becoming the “new spokesperson about California’s drought.” This is also proof many people are idiots and need to stop putting so much stock in the benevolence of Hollywood. Maybe it’s the crisis communications flack in me, but I try to look to for both sides of any story and I only find one in this story — hers.

Here’s how…

So, here’s the Gaga visiting the Hollywood Hills when she heard California was facing its worst drought in state history. It’s bad. Upon discovery of the tumultuous news, the Monsters Ball (and chain) rock star courted Governor Jerry Brown pleading with him that she could help raise awareness about this tragic state of affairs.

Yeah, she’d like you to believe that. Shoot, she even fooled the Gov himself as he penned a sweet, second-hand memo to her. Only, if you do any sort of diligence on this endeavor, you will find her intentions were slightly more self-serving than people have been discussing.

I know, right?

So how did Lady Gaga become the new face of drought awareness? It started when the “Poker Face” singer wanted to use Hearst Castle for what the Hearst Castle Foundation is calling “a special creative project.”

The San Simeon estate, which is now a state park, is doing its part to help with the water crunch. Its marble-lined Neptune pool has been drained since January. But Gaga wanted it filled for the film shoot.

lady_gagaYou get that? Chick is filming a video, wants a water fountain, so is paying for that to happen. Bravo? Party favors? Pomp and circumstance? Seriously?!

In short, Gaga is paying for water to be pumped from an on-site irrigation storage facility to fill the cracked pool, which will be returned after the shoot. She will also donate $250,000 to the Hearst Castle Foundation, part of which will be used to repair the pool, in addition to the standard $22,000 fee for filming at the estate.

Question: If her video wasn’t inconvenienced in any way, would California have a heroine and Jerry Brown a spokesperson? If you answer ‘yes,’ betcha I can count you among one of her 41 million monsters with rabies on Twitter. Just a PR hunch.