Lady Gaga Beats Barack Obama To 10 Million Fans

While Michael Jackson surpassed 10 million fans shortly after he passed away, Barack Obama and Lady Gaga have been in a close race to be the first living person to reach 10 million fans. Last week Lady Gaga won the race, now well on her way to reaching 11 million fans. Why this growth has taken place isn’t clear, however we’ve seen an acceleration in growth since Facebook first implemented their “suggested interests” box during the user registration process.

We’d expect to see an overall increase in adoption of Facebook Pages thanks to the new “suggested interests” feature and wouldn’t be surprised to see growth in usage as well. After surpassing Barack Obama almost two weeks ago, Lady Gaga has been picking up fans at the rate of close to 300,000 per day, a number most companies would be happy to have as their all-time fan base. It’s also not surprising to see a celebrity surpass Barack Obama as the President’s approval rating has dropped to all-time historical lows in recent months, following the BP Oil disaster which continues today.
If you want to view the growth of Lady Gaga vs Barack Obama, you can view our comparison chart here. Also, you can go become a fan of Lady Gaga to jump on the bandwagon!