Lady Gaga: At the Cutting Edge of Social Media … Yet Again

For those of you out there who still think that Lady Gaga is all brawn and no brains—listen up!

For those of you out there who still think that Lady Gaga is all brawn and no brains—listen up!

I’m not going to argue with you—there’s a lot of hype attached to the twenty-five-year-old pop sensation (meat dresses, shady sunglasses—we’ve all  seen the headlines). But even if you don’t like the singer, songwriter, and performer, you have to admit that when it comes to social media, this star is riding the communication wave to success.

Lady Gaga is the face of contemporary popular culture. She’s her own brand and her own enterprise, and from an entrepreneurial perspective, she’s worthy of admiration. This being said, I’m astonished at how many cultured and educated people are quick to dismiss Lady Gaga. They haven’t watched the interviews or even seen the videos, but they’re programed to disapprove of anything so sensational, so-pop-cultural.

Have we become so skeptical of media, the handmaiden of pop-culture, that we’ve pushed away the likes of Lady Gaga simply to remain outside the now-taboo frame of popular culture?

If you’re familiar with my writing, it’s no secret to you that Lady Gaga is not only a role model for me as a woman and artist, she’s also also my social media mentor. (Figuratively, of course—she has no idea who I am).

In an earlier article written just after Gaga’s interview at Google, I praised the artist’s innovative use of social media (read full article here). With the release of her new song “Judas” and the cover art for her “Born this way” album, Gaga has yet again demonstrated exactly why she’s earned her place on the throne in the pop circus.

Lady Gaga released her cover album art on Twitter in a real-time countdown last week, tweeting “”5 MINUTES. ‘Get your hot rods ready to rumble, cause’ we’re gonna drink until we die.’- HIGHWAY UNICORN (ROAD TO LOVE).”

The image, which features a motorcycle- Gaga hybrid  was designed by Nick Knight and Haus of Gaga, was released via Twitter when Gaga tweeted on Saturday “So happy+free to finally share this w you, riding around with the booklet! Can’t believe its here!”

On April 15th, Gaga also released “Judas,” the second single on her upcoming album. The tune is already number one on iTunes charts, usurping Katy Perry’s “E.T.” The “Judas” single wasn’t scheduled to be released until later this month, but according to Perez Hilton, the song leaked onto the internet on Friday and the Haus of Gaga made a quick decision to rush-release the official version on Twitter. This  weekend was barely over before the song had circuited it’s way through Facebook, the motherboard of digital communication.

We say, well played on Gaga’s part: had she waited any longer, fans would likely be exposed to the leaked version before the real one, which could be detrimental to both the song’s sound quality and sales.

Want more of Gaga? Be sure to check out the Born This Way Glee episode, which airs on Fox April 19th. The Born This Way album will be available May 23rd.

Image via MSNBC