Ladies’ Home Journal Wants to See Just How Bad it Can Be

(Via Ad Age)

Ladies’ Home Journal is about to embark on a zany journey. Ad Age reports that starting in March, a majority of the content found in the magazine will be reader-created. Everything will be fact checked and there will still be content from experts, but there will be plenty of pieces from amateurs to go around.

Diane Malloy, Publisher of Ladies’ Home Journal, thinks the move is great. “I’ve been asked a lot about whether we foresee this becoming a model that other magazines will start to implement,” Malloy told Ad Age. “My answer is, ‘Gosh, yes, I think everyone is going to sit up and take notice.'”

People will certainly take notice. But in a good way? The magazine said that it based this decision — which will be paired with a nice design revamp  — on reader feedback, which showed that they wanted more of a voice. We’re sure they did, but just because people want to talk doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good conversation.

Jim from HR talks non-stop about how he would manage the Yankees, but put him in the dugout and suddenly a lot of New Yorkers are considering rooting for that other team that (allegedly) plays baseball here.

With reader created content Ladies’ Home Journal is about to find out, in the harshest way possible, just how bad it can be. People other than the magazine’s readers are certainly going to be talking about this change, but we doubt they’ll have good things to say. Maybe we should ask Jim what he thinks.