Ladies’ Home Journal Launches ‘Can This Marriage Be Saved?’ Webisodes

Ladies’ Home Journal has turned its popular, 57-year-old column “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” into a series of webisodes focusing on helping visitors deal with their marital woes.

The magazine’s editor in chief, Sally Lee, explains the premise of the new series:

We like to think of “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” as the original reality entertainment – a ‘he said/she said’ that lets spouses tell their stories to a therapist, who gives them advice and then reveals how the marriage turned out. It continues to be our best-read column, and we think the time is right to bring this modern, relevant concept to the web and other new-media outlets.

The series’ three webisodes, which visitors can share with friends via social media networks, will cover pertinent topics facing couples today, specifically:

• Our Dog is Coming Between Us
• We Never Have Sex Anymore
• His Mother is Tearing Us Apart

They’ll also be interactive – will link back to for access to quizzes, discussion boards and slideshows.

Which prompts the question: Can a fully interactive, digital version of Ladies’ Home Journal (or, simply, this feature) be too far off?