Ladies: Buying a Car with is So Easy, You Don’t Even Need a Man to Help You!

Considering the gullible, easily confused, passive, and exploitable little creatures that women inherently are, it’s about time a company came up with a way to help us buy cars all by our wispy, delicate selves, without the need to bring a strong, savvy man along to ensure we don’t swoon at the first sight of something shiny or get swindled by a smooth-talking dealer.

Enter, white knight of the auto world, here to save women from themselves — or at least that seems to be the message of its current advertising.

While it seems the below ad has been around for a while, I hadn’t had the pleasure of being exposed to it until this past weekend, while catching up on a few TV shows via Hulu.

“At the dealership I was trying to hold my own, and it’s kind of tough,” says the first woman who appears in the spot. At this point, I was a little annoyed by the damsel in distress thing, but kept watching with a fairly open mind — no one likes car dealers, after all.

But then another woman comes on, and a third one (not one man), all talking about how after using TRUECar, they felt “confident going in on [their] own and closing the deal on [their] own.”

Okay, now I was definitely getting disgruntled. But then, just in case viewers had missed the less-than-subtle subtext, the last line delivered by one of the women is that, thanks to, “I don’t need to bring a dude with me.”

And that’s when my rather-miffed moment became a full-blown WTF moment.

And it seems I’m not the only one; the majority of the comments made by people of both genders on the Youtube page are equally outraged.

“Wow, for that sexist bullshit I sure as hell won’t be buying from [TRUECar],” said one commenter.

“Women are stupid, let’s help give them the price they should pay,” joked another.

And yet, though this ad has been around for months, and appears to be offending more people than it’s enticing, it’s still running. Might be time to come up with a new strategy, TRUECar. But then again, I wrote this article all by myself without a strong, strapping man to validate my opinion, so what do I know?