LACMA Has Its Eye On Gehry’s House, Among Others


Apparently a hanging, steaming locomotive is not big and unweidly enough–now LACMA wants to start collecting examples of midcentury residential architecture including some Lautner, Neutra, Schindler and Lloyd Wright (both of them) structures. Director Michael Govan also has his eye on Frank Gehry‘s house, and since it’s a NY Times article, they can’t help but focus the whole piece on their boyfriend:

With Mr. Govan’s plans already being discussed in architecture and real estate circles, the museum is certain to face some competition to acquire properties, including that of Mr. Gehry. His Santa Monica house, built in 1978 and remodeled in 1993, is known for its distinctive exteriors, which include corrugated metal, plywood and chain-link fencing.

It is also in the sights of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Mr. Gehry said, which has talked to him about its registering the house or acquiring it once he completes a new residence in nearby Venice, Calif.

“In the meantime,” Mr. Gehry said, “I’m living in it.”

In other words, “Back off, Govan, you vulture!”