Labor Secretary Thomas Perez Dodges Questions on Prospect of Replacing Eric Holder

perezLabor Secretary Thomas Perez, a potential replacement for Attorney General Eric Holder who on Thursday announced his plans to step down, joined HuffPost Live today to discuss Holder’s legacy and paid maternity leave, among other topics.

“I think Eric Holder will go down as one of the best Attorney Generals in the history of the department,” said Perez, in conversation with HuffPost’s Marc Lamont Hill. “And I say that because he put the ‘J’ back in DOJ…His work on behalf the defense of the Marriage Act – history will write that he was the Thurgood Marshall of that aspect of the movement because without his leadership, we would not have seen the movement in this. You look at that issue at LGBT equality – we’re moving a warp speed… and Eric Holder played a huge role there.”

One topic Perez wasn’t willing to delve into was whether he might succeed Holder as Attorney General. The Labor Secretary dodged each of Lamont Hill’s questions about the prospect. Watch him tip toe around the idea after the jump.