LA Weekly‘s “Lost” Riots Issue Now Online

But it can’t be found on the LA Weekly website. The issue is available for download through Los Angeles magazine, thanks to editor Mary Melton, who scanned the May 8, 1992 issue after the LA Weekly claimed the paper hadn’t covered the riots 20 years ago.


To date, the aforementioned LA Weekly blog post remains fiercely critical of the paper’s coverage in ’92, despite the revelation that they missed an entire issue dedicated to the riots, one they confess to not having read. Why a newspaper would choose trashing its own legacy over re-writing a blog post is beyond us.

Melton, who was a Weekly staffer at the time, writes about the “lost” issue on the Los Angeles magazine website:

The issue, under the guidance of then-editor-in-chief Kit Rachlis (who later became the editor of Los Angeles and hired me here), combined first-person essays (by Michael Ventura, Lynell George), analysis (Harold Meyerson, Tom Carson, Joe Domanick), and reportage (Ruben Martinez, Richard Rothstein, Kateri Butler); there was also a timeline, compelling documentary photography, and a series of statistics (that I feverishly compiled with Amy Waldman and Paul Malcolm) to help frame the conversation. The issue was a thoughtful, impressive undertaking, featuring some of the finest journalists L.A. has known.

Part of that issue was already reprinted in full on the Los Angeles Times website on April 22. Strangely, both the Times and Los Angeles magazine are doing a better job of preserving and assessing LA Weekly history than the paper itself.