LA Weekly’s ‘Lost’ Coverage of the ’92 Riots Found on the Los Angeles Times Website

Unfortunately the LA Weekly archives appear to be somewhat disorganized, leading a staff blogger to declare that the paper barely covered the riots in ’92. In fact, the May 8, 1992 issue was dedicated to the riots. LA Weekly says they have lost their copies and have not read the issue, but a lovely article from the issue is available online — it was published last week by the Los Angeles Times.

From “Waiting for the Rainbow Sign,” by Lynell George:

At Crenshaw, I see what has been sketchily described on the radio for the last couple of hours: figures rendered to silhouettes, occupying the street, advancing randomly. Shouting, laughing, they drift on foot into traffic, into the beams of headlights, as if they are truly invincible. My tires eat glass, trundle over big, splintered husks of plywood, of brick and clods of dirt.

On my left I see a waterfall of glass. I don’t hear the sound of it breaking: this scene has no soundtrack, no narrative line to hold on to. Out of the other window I watch six pairs of hands pry apart white iron security gates. Here I see an ironic twist on the multiethnic coalition that local community leaders have been talking about for years, but not successfully implementing: black and Latino teenagers coming together to lift a sofa out of a furniture store’s showcase window, onto shoulders, then down the sidewalk.

Read the full story here.

A short essay by George about covering the riots, along with an excerpt of her ’92 story, also appeared on the LA Weekly website on December 3, 2008.