LA Weekly Redesigns Website… Again

If memory serves, this is the fourth redesign in as many years. Back when this fishie worked at the LA Weekly, the editorial staff dreaded redesigns of the website, as it always seemed to mean content disappearing from the archives. And there’s plenty of missing content. A quick search of the website this morning finds illustrations and photos for articles prior to 2006 mostly extinct. And while stories published before 2006 can still be found, they may not be easy on the eyes – formatting for many seem to have gone haywire.

This latest redesign is certainly not to blame for all the missing or jumbled content. But that the LA Weekly has chosen to revamp the look of the site yet again instead of cleaning up the archives is telling. The current owners purchased the paper in 2006 – perhaps they just aren’t interested in preserving anything that came before their reign.

At least articles about burlesque are still easy to find.