LA Weekly Names Grifting County Workers: Gift Card Four

Remember the county employees who treated themselves by using gift cards meant for kids in foster care? Jack Leonard, who wrote the story in the LA Times, had told Amy Alkon that he was trying to find the names of those involved, but it was a huge department.

But D. Heimpel in the LA Weekly, investigated and found that four employees of Services Outcome Improvement Project, ie the Gift Card Four, were responsible for the purchasing and distribution of gift cards and trips to Glen Ivy and House of Blues. Some kids went along on these outings, but most of the recipients were employees and “mentors”. The DA’s office filed an investigative case under the name Sherrie Hiller, a children’s service administrator.

Here’s a report from the LA County Dept. of Child and Family Services, referencing a Sherry Hiller. Coincidence? Highly unlikely.

LA Times Won’t Name Names of LA County Grifting Workers