LA Weekly Interviews the ‘Renegade Sign Bandit’

With an estimated 4,000 illegal billboards in the city, one citizen has taken the law into his own hands. Well, taken to putting official looking notices on illegal advertisements.

Anyway, this concerned citizen turned activist gave LA Weekly an interview, more specifically Tibby Rothman talked to him.

Our favorite:

LAW: Who do you hold responsible for the proliferation of signs?

Bandit: Well, of course, the Mayor has ultimate responsibility. And the City Attorney should be, at least, threatening to sue this company for having these signs out illegally. Building & Safety is the department that is directly in charge, I believe. None of the City Councilmen have made any noise out of it–they’re the ones with the bully pulpit. That ought to cover it, I think.

LAW: For a bandito, you seem to have a strong understanding of how the city government functions.

The Sign Bandit is a civics wonk. Of course.

Photo credit LAWeekly