LA Weekly Education & Career Issue: couldn’t they find a nice doctor or lawyer?

Sometimes, the special advertising supplements of alternative weeklies are surprisingly poignant windows into the soul of a city. Okay, maybe not. But the Education & Career insert included in today’s LA Weekly (not online) is a pretty interesting view into some sort of Los Angeles demi-monde which I can’t quite identify specifically enough to name. Those profiled include:

– a waitress in an Orange County strip club who is training to become a nurse.

– a mother who, having taken a pole-dancing class, liked it so much she decided to become a professional pole-dancing instructor. (She says that she “started studying an an accelerated pace to become certified” as a pole-dancing tutor. Is there a licensing board?)

– a guy who quit his Fortune 500 business job to open a school for aspiring rock musicians.

– a musician who became a bar doorman when the gigs dried up and, thirteen years later, retrained in IT and now works in tech support.

Ah, Los Angeles, where any stripper can become a nurse, anyone can become a stripper, and anyone can become a rock musician, and anyone can quit music and work in tech support. The city of dreams!