LA Weekly Chronicles Sunset Junction Festival Fallout

It wasn’t just ticket holders feeling burned by the Sunset Junction Street Fair’s cancellation. The LA Weekly reports that musical acts and local businesses are smarting from lost revenue. And the festival’s would-be vendors are feeling downright shafted:

Carols Guillen, who was planning to sell smoothies at the festival, says Sunset Junction owes him $1400 for the cost of his booth and a deposit. That comes in addition to the $1000 he spent on supplies.

“I got a voicemail the day before the festival letting us know it was cancelled,” Guillen says, adding that this would have been the first year his family-run Lacuma Smoothies had a stand at Sunset Junction. “I trusted the festival because they’ve been around for over thirty years. We still haven’t heard anything about getting our money back.”

That voicemail, from Sunset Junction’s Vendor Coordinator Edwin Gomez, also claimed that vendors would be refunded sometime this week, but when Guillen tracked him down at the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market on Saturday, Gomez told him he “wasn’t sure of anything.”

The Sunset Junction Festival’s website features a statement from the organizers that takes no responsibility and makes no apologies for the event’s cancellation. They also make no mention of refunds for anyone. Not a good sign.