LA Times September Scorecard improves.
Year-over-year traffic was up considerably.
Page views to prior year were up by 16%, 22% for unique
visitors, and 25% for local unique visitors.

Top 10 Stories for Sept.
1. Hsu letter appeared to be suicide note (Dan Morain)
2. Ahmadinejad walks away with a win (Tim Rutten)
3. Limits proposed on fast-food restaurants (Tami Abdollah)
4. Study finds left-wing brain, right-wing brain (Denise Gellene)
5. Sitting down? A winter storm is on its way (Ari Bloomekatz)
6. TMZ learns if it’s not Ito, it must say so (Andrew Blankstein)
7. Column One: A beastly kind of cruelty (John M. Glionna)
8. L.A. County calling for lights-out hour (Susannah Rosenblatt)
9. Southern Section results (This is the high school sports page)
10. Kanye West outselling 50 Cent in feud (Todd Martens)

Advertising revenue slides.
Retail was off by 17.7%, with most categories below Plan. National surpassed Plan by 7.0%, driven up by strong movies.

Circulation slides a little.
Daily Individually Paid circulation for September is projected to be flat with last year. Sunday Individually Paid circulation for September is projected to be down versus last year due to weaker
demand, some modest subscriber loss from product changes, and discontinuation of Sunday bonus days.