LA Times Sells Out Front Page

The front page of today’s LA Times was a fake. The real front page was hidden behind a four-page wrap around ad for Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. We’re looking forward to the film, but shared the blogosphere’s collective groan when we saw what had been done to the masthead. But it’s nothing like the outrage expressed last year when the LAT ran a front page ad for the TV show Southland designed to look like a news story. Hell, even the fake front page on the Daily Bruin seemed to garner more of a fuss. Perhaps we’re just growing numb to the increasingly blurred line between advertising and editorial.

Sharon Waxman has heard reports that the ad cost as much as $700,000. Well, maybe the money will save some reporter’s job, or buy Sam Zell new elevator shoes. We’re too beaten down to get angry.