LA Times Scorecard: Online Up, Circ. Down

The LA Times numbers continue to be flat, according to an inside report for August. Online is improving, though. Classifieds continue to droop. Some selected stats:

Traffic ( only)

Year-over-year traffic was up considerably.
Page views to prior year were up by 19%, 32% for unique
visitors, and 32% for local unique visitors.

Of the Top Ten Videos, a few were home-grown:
1. “The Proof” (“flying saucer”–YouTube/UFO story)–LAT
2. Homegrown terrorism– AP
3. LA Times live video from KTLA
4. 4.5 earthquake in Peru–AP
5. Glamping: Roughin’ it the easy way–LAT (Myung Chun)
6. Hundreds dead after earthquake in Peru–CNN
7. Mattel sues over XXX Barbie website–AP
8. Minneapolis bridge collapses into Miss. River–AP
9. Dr. Lucy Jones, chief scientist, preparing for the Big One–KTLA
10. Steve McQueen’s Ferrari Lusso for sale–LAT

But someone needs to crack the whip:

Customer Service

Sunday Reliability missed 90% on-time goal by 5.4 percentage points primarily due to late editorial copy.

Operating Expense

Property tax refund, compensation, newsprint & volume savings, drove the favorable variance to Plan. Department compensation was below Plan.

Circulation is still dropping, but not plummeting.

Daily Individually Paid circulation for September is projected to be flat with last year.
Sunday Individually Paid Circulation for September is projected to be down versus last year due to weaker demand, some modest subscriber loss from product changes, and discontinuation of Sunday bonus days.

Advertising Revenue

Retail was off by 7.7%, stopping a double-digit decline since Period 4.
National remained favorable to Plan, driven up by strong Movies & Financials, partially offset by weak Auto. Classified missed Plan by 14.8%, primarily due to
plummeting Real Estate & Recruitment, slightly offset by favorable Auto