LA Times Praises Baghdad Bureau/ Replaces Staff


The Los Angeles Times is pretty pleased about their Baghdad bureau. From Marjorie Miller’s memo to the troops:

I want to take this opportunity to thank BORZOU DARAGAHI, SOLOMON MOORE and LOUISE ROUG for their outstanding work in our Baghdad bureau. We had a
truly remarkable year in 2006 with a wonderful mix of news, analysis, investigative stories and features. We were out front on death squads and the fact that the country had descended into civil war. We had a detailed reconstruction of neighbor-on-neighbor killings in Balad, a heart-breaking account of a family coping with the loss of a child, and a ground-breaking piece by one of our Iraqi staffers, recounting his own dehumanization as he watched the shooting of a man in front of him and did nothing to help.

After reading this, who would want to cover school board meetings?

But all good things must come to an end, and Tina Susman, Alex Zavis and Ned Parker will be taking over in Baghdad.

The memo also announces changes to the website:

Finally, take a look at the latest excellent development on In addition to the WORLD page, we now have five separate “landing pages” that will feature our coverage from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. These long-awaited pages will allow us greater flexibility to highlight your work and attract new readers to the Web.