LA Times Offers The Offense To Readers


In an effort to either drum up some public excitement or to make sure the right people get blamed, the LA Times has posted photos of selected sports writers in the elevators down on Spring Street and on the website. According to the memo:

we are launching “Your Times” a new, multimedia campaign that will put faces and context to our bylines and editorial personalities who represent the very heart and soul of who we are–why we matter, and how that is of value. Most importantly, “Your Times” will address the average reader’s question of “What’s in it for ME?”

How photos of Bill Dwyre and Eric Sondheimer answer that question is a mystery. The site’s snappy enough, but the bios leave a lot unsaid: Dwyre’s affection for Notre Dame, for example. We’re guessing management thinks this is the colorful crowd at the paper.

This first group is The Offense, to be followed by The Politicos (political writers), The Entertainers (entertainment journalists, most of whom aren’t remotely entertaining in person), The Storytellers (aren’t they all supposed to be?) and The Trendspotters (most of the LAT couldn’t spot a trend if it was driving a big-rig into the men’s room). Anyone left over will be thrown into The Melting Pot group.

LA Observed wonders about those MIA–buy-out possiblity J.J. Adante and Christine Daniels.