LA Times’ Mark Lamster Chimes in on ‘Architecture of the Absurd’


Please forgive the silence from this here writer. Like probably the rest of you, he was enduring a terrible fate: travel before the holidays. But fear not, he is safe and sound and back on the look out for interesting things for you to find of interest. First up comes another major news outlets’ take on the book of the moment, as it seems, John Silber’s Architecture of the Absurd. This time around, it’s Mark Lamster over at the LA Times, who doesn’t dig what Silber has to say at all, claiming it to be chocked full of misleading ideas while, overall, missing the point entirely by placing all the blame on the starchitects, not also on the clients who wanted to having something that stood out in the first place. It’s a good read with a lot of solid contradictions against the writing. But with so many different opinions about the book flying around, it’s sure to be a topic of interest for a while (not to mention additional sales for Silber), we’ll leave it up to you to decide the rights and wrongs of this one. And hey, if anyone feels like writing in and letting us know what they thought of the book, maybe we’ll put together a collection of quotes and stick ’em up on this here website. Interested?