Will 500,000 Signatures Put a Dent in Koch Brothers Plans?

Probably not. But there’s no harm in letting prospective newspaper owners know how a vocal segment of the news-consuming public feels about a potential shift in media ownership.

Across the country today, at a dozen Tribune Co.-connected locations including the offices of the LA Times, a petition will be delivered. A total of 500,000+ signatures was gathered by a “Save Our News” coalition that includes Daily Kos, Common Cause, the AFL-CIO, Greenpeace, Free Press and other organizations.

In addition to newspapers like the Times, the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun, protesters will also be visiting TV stations, JP Morgan Chase and the offices of Tribune Co. investor Angelo Gordon. The petition materials include about 100,000 signatures in written form and the rest on USB drives.

PDFs of the gathered signatures can be accessed here. Given how profitable Fox News is, it’s that kind of bottom line that will ultimately be what drives the Kochs, Rupert Murdoch and any other for-profit suitor.

Update – 05/29/13: About 200 protesters showed up at the LA Times portion of today’s rally.

[Image courtesy freepress.net]

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