Former LA Times Editor Accepts Journalism School Award

This afternoon, former LA Times editor John S. Carroll received the 63rd William Allen White Foundation award from the University of Kansas’ journalism school. He took the opportunity to share some observations about the current state of the news business.

Carroll suggested print journalism has suffered three successive and devastating blows from the introduction of corporations in the newsroom, the advent of cable television and the arrival of Internet. He also urged students and faculty to do better. Via The University Daily Kansan:

“We need to find a way to separate journalism from trash journalism,” Carroll said, meaning journalists who only seek to report on celebrities and those who use their journalism as propaganda or marketing.

Past recepients of the medal, which prior to 1970 took the form of a certificate, include Walter Cronkite, Bob Woodward, and Seymour Hersh. Under Carroll’s 2000-05 watch, the LA Times took home 13 Pulitzer Prizes. He previously served as editor at the Baltimore Sun, the Lexington Herald and Philadelphia Inquirer.