LA Times Issues Theresa Duncan Correction

For the Record:

Double suicide: An article in the July 25 Calendar section about the suicides of artist Jeremy Blake and writer Theresa Duncan reported that Duncan graduated from the University of Michigan. A spokesperson for the university said Duncan was enrolled for a single semester in 1985 at the University of Michigan-Flint.

Told ya so. And really, it’s not Duncan who should be taken to task here, as lots of people fudge their resumes, but rather those self- important professional journalists with their ever-so-many layers of editorial control.

Next up, “Theresa Duncan worked hard to get out of Lapeer, Mich.”

Duncan was born in Lapeer, moved to Detroit as a teenager. Doesn’t seem all that hard.

And of course: “sometimes crafting lengthy, heavily researched ruminations on subjects mundane and arcane”. Maybe not so much.