LA Times in 90 seconds

— For those of us who still get a little giggly every time you the horrific ‘Prince’ gets thrown around (you know it wasn’t just members of Gerry Marshall’s family who liked Princess Diaries), there will be mere delicious story today then the wedlock in the bedrock. Hopefully confronting the love child of one of Prince Albert‘s early 90’s Cote d’Azur one night stands will make you own bittersweet memories of the torrid affair you had in Cannes last week all the less painful.

— Is Superman not gay enough or too gay? Thank god John Horn is on the case. My hats off, Defamer, for Queer-el.

— So OK, up til now I have been ignoring the whole lack of privacy panic in favor of more pressing issues such as figuring out how to include pictures in these posts or global warming. But this article has me freaked out. I think it was this part:

“This is not simply limited to kiddie porn or terrorism. It’s a real break with precedent,” said Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the nonprofit Electronic Privacy Information Center. “Data retention is open-ended. The government is saying, ‘Keep everything about everyone and we’ll sort it out later.’ “

Um, yikes.