LA Times in 90 Seconds

Video Killed the Radio Spot: YouTube is so cool, kids will even watch ads on it. Hell, they’ll even watch ads within ads on it. At least, that’s what the San Mateo-based company hopes. By blurring the lines between ads and content, YouTube hopes to take a bigger share of the $17-billion online advertising market. FBLA advises: Stick a talking cat in a Plymouth, and let’s find out.

No Apologies: John Landgraf, the president and general manager of FX tels the LAT, he knows his shows are controversial — that’s why people watch them.

LA’s Dopest Attorney: Guaranteed to be the most-read story in the paper today, Maura Dolan’s piece about Allison Margolin portrays the star-struck Beverly Hills High alumna and Harvard grad as a kind of true-life Legally Blonde who totally, like, believes pot should be legalized.