LA Times Food Section Perks Up with Coffee


The LA Times Food section devotes itself to coffee, with stimulating results. Today’s edition is the best in a long, long, long (we get it–ed.) time, with Russ Parsons confessing he can’t make a decent cup o’ joe to save his life. (Back in the day, when this section actually reported on life in the Southland, we’d have a Great Home Cook teach Parsons how, but those days are long gone.)

Charlie Perry’s well-written historic overview is enhanced by a nice graphic, and Amy Scattergood visits roasters and coffee shops around town. She left out Victor’s, our local, but you can’t have everything.
And Regina Schrambling’s usual “ingredients on parade” piece is tucked away in a corner. What she brings to the table is beyond us.

In short, a great effort, applause all around. Do it again next week.