L.A. Times Decks Halls With Boughs of Corrections

Posting news article corrections on Christmas Eve amounts to basically a free pass. Other than perhaps the odd atheist with broadband and stranded airport traveler, no one is going to catch sight of the early returns.

Among the seven LA Times oopsies shared December 24th were the eradication of a non-existent Mickey Ward boxing match loss (in connection with a piece on The Fighter), the re-construction of Tron director Steven Lisberger’s (pictured) decimated directing resume and the sorting out of some CBS-PBS consonant confusion.

The paper also shared this classroom goof:

Teacher scores: A Dec. 11 article in the LATExtra section reported that a preliminary study by education experts had found that teachers whose students said they “taught to the test” scored lower than average on value-added analysis. In fact, the study found that test preparation was positively correlated with a teacher’s value-added scores, but not as strongly as other indicators, such as effective classroom management or efficient use of class time.

FBLA is not too proud to admit that after reading the last, above correction, we still don’t understand the clarification.