LA Times Crowns Kings Celebration with Multimedia Book Release

For die-hard LA Kings fans, two of the other must-haves besides a seat at Thursday’s parade-ending rally at Staples Center are arguably a copy of today’s LA Times print edition, with its special hockey championship coverage section, and the paper’s spinoff 128-page book.

Copies of $14.95 softcover Crowning Glory: The Los Angeles Kings’ Incredible Run to the 2012 Stanley Cup are on sale in the newspaper’s lobby as well as online and via telephone. A spokesperson for the paper tells FishbowlLA an ebook version will be available shortly.

Easily the most notable old-school artifact to be offered to Kings fans by its downtown paper of record are reproduction printing plates of related Times front pages. Yes, Virginia, the team won the Cup when there were still print newspaper runs to be bannered.

Other current LAT book or ebook spinoffs include tomes about the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, Yosemite’s four seasons and holiday-season cookie recipes.