LA Times: Celebrities Stressed Out

According to the LA Times, celebrity-hood is a stressful profession. Maybe not quite as stressful as, say, fighting fires or working in air traffic control, but more stressful than, for instance, being a comp lit grad student:

Stress expert Charles Figley, director of the Traumatology Institute at Florida State University, conducted a study 10 years ago on celebrity stress, interviewing 51 A-listers, and found that stars consider the media their No. 1 stressor. And that was before reality TV and the overwhelming popularity of blogs.

Tabloid reporter / Hollywood Interrupted co-writer Mark Ebner, who is personally responsible for raising the anxiety levels of a celebrity or two, has this to say in the article about absconder Dave Chappelle:

“He’s my hero… [H]e extracted himself from the problem and went as far away from Hollywood as possible…. If he stays as far away from people like us, he’ll be fine.”

Hypothetical question: If every single A-list celebrity suddenly got fed up with their lives and moved to South Africa, would B-list celebrities then become A-list celebrities, the C-list become B-list, and so forth? Or would the celebrity industry simply collapse?