LA Times Expands Facebook Enabled Commenting

Having tested the waters with “All Things Lakers,” the LA Times is now ready to give Facebook-enabled commenting a bit more of a whirl. The newspaper today announced it is expanding the popular functionality to its “Technology” blog, with plans later this week to do the same for “The Fabulous Forum.”

In explaining the move, recently promoted managing editor for online Jimmy Orr says the pros definitely appear to outweigh the cons:

Some of our stories require registration; some do not. Some of our comments appear right away, while others languish for a moderator to approve or deny. Still others disappear after one day, never to be seen again…

Facebook has a new commenting system that we’re interested in. It allows for “right away” commenting while providing an authentication system no one else can match.

Although Orr acknowledges that some spontaneity may get lost, there’s no doubt that such a system tends to usually diminish the disruptive influence of Charlie Sheen’s least favorite type of human being (trolls). And that generally makes such a mechanism a winning proposition for an online content purveyor.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.