LA Press Club: National Journalism Awards


The LA Press Club announces the National Entertainment Journalism Awards:

Entertainment reporters, editors and critics across the country are invited to enter a new journalism contest that honors those who write, speak or blog about one of the nation’s most important industries….

Through our new NEJ awards, we hope to reach hundreds of entertainment journalists around the country who may not have had a worthy forum to make peers aware of their top-quality work,” said Press Club President, Anthea Raymond, a veteran radio producer. “We’re going to honor the rising stars of journalism who cover the rising stars of the entertainment world.

While this is all great, no one is going to top Nikki Finke’s strike coverage, unless, Elvis plays the Bellagio on New Year’s Eve and she misses it. Love her or hate her, she’s been first, best, and most prolific on the biggest entertainment story of the year.

You don’t suppose she planned all this, do you?