Jane Fonda Accepts LA Press Club’s Inaugural Visionary Award

When NBC LA anchorman and reporter Robert Kovacik recently reminded on his Facebook page that he would be interviewing actress Jane Fonda as part of the Los Angeles Press Club’s 5th Annual National Entertainment Journalism Awards, held last night at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, the first comment he received came from a female resident of Malibu:

No offense to you Robert, but I feel very strongly that Jane Fonda is a lying b*tch who betrayed our nation. Ask her if she did indeed hand over to the VC the notes that the American POWs gave to her. They died a brutal death because of her traitorous actions. Shame on her.

Strong words, perhaps too strong. But Fonda is well aware of this specter. Last night during her Q&A with Kovacik, here’s how the worthy LAPC Visionary Award recipient answered when he asked about her biggest life regret:

“Sitting on that gun in North Vietnam. I’ll go to my grave with that one.”

The remark has been quickly pounced on this morning at Breitbart.com, The Daily Caller and elsewhere.

Via video, Fonda received tributes from James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett and Ted Turner. In person, the clear highlight for both the audience and the artist delivering it was a Jeff Daniels original guitar song composition. The ditty included a line about Fonda “boning” Robert Redford (also there) in Barefoot in the Park.

Right-leaning Fonda haters are also going on this morning about the actress’ mention to Kovacik that she toned down the original “meanness” of the part for her portrayal of Nancy Reagan in the upcoming Lee Daniels movie The Butler. The actress also touched on how she corresponded with the former First Lady as part of her research for the role.

At last night’s event, Hollywood Reporter editorial director Janice Min received a similar Luminary Award, complete with Kathy Griffin introduction. Full list of 2012 NEJ winners here.

[Image courtesy LA Press Club]

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