LA Nixes Parking Lot Plan: Good Riddance

Despite the protestations of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the city council officially killed plans to contract out nine city parking lots to a private company in exchange for a lump sum payment to fill a $54 million budget gap. Villaraigosa sent a letter to the council asking them to reconsider, but the deal appears dead, thank God. That hasn’t stopped the Mayor’s press flack Matt Szabo from weighing in, however.

“The outcome from this process turned out to be a counterproductive waste of time that ultimately will not serve the best interests of the city,” Szabo told the LA Times.

Best interests of the city, huh? Anyone up in the air about whether or not that was the right decision should read this piece in the Dallas Star-Telegram analyzing Chicago’s private parking meter deal. See how well that deal worked out for their city.

H/T Matt Taibbi