LA Newspaper Survey: Who Says We Don’t Read?

Scarborough Research released its annual Scarborough Newspaper Audience Ratings Report, “a comprehensive compendium of the weekly print, weekly website and Integrated Newspaper Audience (combined print and online) ratings for 161 newspapers in 81 Top-Tier markets.”

The take-home? A higher percentage of the adult population in L.A. reads the LAT than our New York counterparts read the NYT (36% compared to 27% — and, yes, we beat them in raw numbers, too). Yet we’re still the unread, uninformed coast? Whatever.

The rest of the results:
23% of the adult market is reading the Los Angeles Newspaper Group’s passel of papers and online products
12% get their news from the Orange County Register
9% read La Opinion
6% scan The Press-Enterprise
3% pick up the Ventura County Star.

Whole report here.