Puck Daddy Cheers @LAKings Twitter Tandem

We’ve reported multiple times this playoff season about the great tweets emanating from the official Los Angeles Kings account. Now, thanks to Greg Wyshynski, editor of Yahoo Sports blog Puck Daddy, we know a whole lot more about the pair pulling the sarcastic 140-character strings.

The feed is being run by AEG Sports director, new media Dewayne Hankins (pictured) and LA Kings digital media coordinator Pat Donahue. While the latter was responsible for the post-Game 1 Canucks tweet heard across Canada, it is the former who stepped in with an equally important directive:

The team had internal discussions about how the Vancouver tweet was covered by the Canadian media, to the point where deleting the tweet was considered. Hankins stepped in and said their apology was sufficient. “We weren’t going to delete. That defeats the point of what we’re trying to do…”

“We had been doing this since last November but that tweet really made people notice that the Kings were doing things differently,” said Hankins.

Hankins came to the Kings in the fall of 2010 from the Minnesota Wild. One of his last Midwestern digital deeds involved setting up a Twitter account on behalf of Cal Clutterbuck‘s mustache. Hilarious.

Thanks to the clever antics of Hankins and Donahue, the @LAKings feed has been able to attract 40,000 new followers since the start of the 2012 playoffs. To read the full Puck Daddy article, click here.

[Photo courtesy LinkedIn]