‘LA Justice Report’ Publishes Its Final Look at LA’s Gang Reduction Program

Witness LA‘s Celeste Fremon has just published the third part in the three-part “Follow the Gang Money” series, investing LA’s Gang Reduction and Youth Development program. The piece, co-produced through a partnership with Spot.us, offers a series of recommendations for how Los Angeles can clean up its act when it comes to gang reduction.

Writes Fremon:

Those of you who read the two Follow the Gang Money stories know that, in both cases, we were critical of GRYD.

Yet, over and above the criticism, we want to support the fact that LA is committed to having a rigorous gang strategy and that significant strides have been taken since 2008 when the city’s fractured and ineffective LA Bridges program was disbanded in favor of a single entity housed in the mayor’s office, the now more than two-year old GRYD initiative.

With the positive strides taken in mind, we offer Part 3 of the Follow the Gang Money series: 6 Suggestions for Moving Forward

To arrive at these suggestions we spoke to approximately 20 different experts in the field, both national and LA-based.

In advance of the piece, Fremon went on KPFK’s Deadline LA show earlier this week, with hosts Barbara Osborn and Howard Blume, to talk about GRYD.