LA Justice Report Launches Second Installment of Its GRYD Investigation la justice report.png

The LA Justice Report, a new partnership between Witness LA and the non-profit journalism organization, has launched the second half of its two-part look into LA’s Gang Reduction and Youth Development program. Written by yours truly, the piece delves into the city’s gang intervention efforts, and concludes that LA has based its intervention program on a “proactive peacemaking” model that has absolutely no proven success.

There is much evidence to suggest that, absent other services and active community involvement, “proactive peacemaking” produces no long-term effect, and in certain instances can even make things worse. In a 2010 RAND study of Pittsburgh’s GRYD-like street intervention program, RAND researcher Jeremy Wilson theorizes “that the presence of outreach workers increased the cohesion of gangs, making some groups more organized, in turn leading to increased violence.”

Catch up on the first part of the investigation, which looked at the city’s gang prevention efforts, here.