All Hail the Sprinklesmobile

As the food truck phenomenon continues to explode across LA and beyond, it’s getting harder and harder to separate the organic wheat from the 87-grade exhaust spewing chaff. However, one Beverly Hills company doing its part to drive the mini-meals on wheels trend to the next level is designer cupcake firm Sprinkles.

Notes Forbes blogger Lisa Mogensen:

One of the more interesting trucks “Travels in Taste” has seen is Sprinkles, the haute cupcakery in Los Angeles, which recently launched its own version of the dessert truck, Sprinklesmobile. Sprinkles is keeping up their posh Beverly Hills image in a 22-foot customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The van holds up to 1,500 of the bakery’s standard flavors daily. Nothing like traveling in style…

At press time, the Sprinklesmobile has a very impressive 13,862 Twitter followers. Yesterday, the chocolate brown colored van pulled into El Segundo, where the first ten people to whisper the tweeted code words “gobble gobble” could take their pick of free orange cranberry or maple spice.

Based on the number of fall season tweets that announce the year-and-a-half old truck has “sold out for today,” Sprinkles appears to be weathering the Recession just fine.