LA Design Legends Looked Right At Home In Sean Adams’ Designer-Perfect House


If we had to pick one place in Disneyland to describe it, we’d say Sean Adams’ house is like Fantasyland: owning everything in it would be our dream come true. That’s Adams on the left with Mick Hodgson, showing off one of the tumblers we tried to smuggle out in our coat. Besides the Disneyland memorabilia (we counted six original posters), Adams has gathered an eye-popping collection of midcentury goodness that’s a little Eames and Nelson and a lot of Alexander Girard, with one room furnished entirely in Wild West decor (a neverending stream of gifts from Adams’ grandparents in Reno, he says). Now imagine sticking a dozen Los Angeles design legends in those rooms.


Yeah, it was just one of those nights. That’s Doyald Young, one of three AIGA Fellows honored that night (along with Adams and his partner-in-crime Noreen Morioka). He gave short, sweet speech that closed with a quote from Oscar Wilde that garnered applause: “No matter who you think you are, you’re still who you are.” Morioka (below) thanked the women in Los Angeles design who’d paved the way for her, who were, incredibly, all present: her old boss April Greiman, Deborah Sussman, Kim Baer, Toni Hollander-Morse, Nan Faessler, and UCLA Extension’s InJu Sturgeon, who she claims continues to “kick her ass.”


Past Fellows Keith Bright and John Clark were mobbed by old friends. David Goodman doled out compliments. Chase Berke represented for her husband Buddy, who could not attend. We chatted holidays with Harold Huttas, whose 1000+ ornaments by local artists and designers are on view at Harold’s Gallery. Adams and Lorraine Wild talked showtunes and soccer practice.

In fact, the equivalent of a designer group-hug was rather stunning, even to an outsider: we hear Maria Shriver’s press secretary Ryan Jimenez left the evening determined to declare a statewide proclamation for design. Now that’s what we like to call making a good first impression.

Thanks to Thom Meredith for the photos.