Legal Newswires Downplay Cop-Hooker Romance SEO

It must be strange working as a headline writer for one of L.A.’s legal news wire services.

Case in point: This week’s sensational, inspiring story of an Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy appealing his dismissal from the force over having consorted with and later married a known prostitute and recovering heroin addict.

We’re talking here about a cop, Emir Bautista, with a heart of gold,  who essentially rescued a woman off the streets of Gardena and helped her kick both the hard drugs and hard life (the two are still together). In other reporting environments, such banner words as “Sheriff’s Zero Still a Homefront Hero” or “By Hook or by Shawn Crook” might be bandied about.

But in the court docket news world, it was simply:

No Reinstatement for Cop Who Befriended Hooker

Sheriff Can Fire Deputy Who Married Prostitute