LA Company The Content Beast Behind Twitter Bait ‘n’ Spam Campaign

Lately we’ve noticed a number of Tweets form a cadre of “publicists” promoting an independent film. The “publicists” tweet things about the film and then include the Twitter handles of people so those people notice the tweets and hopefully respond or check out the film. founder Laurel Touby was one of those targeted by the campaign.

There is nothing wrong with including someone’s Twitter handle in a Tweet if you want them to notice something, however this campaign is nothing but pure spam, and it is being executed by a team of publicists, or just a bunch of spam bots.

Who is behind the campaign? A company called The Content Beast out of LA, which advertises “social media services.”

Their website also includes this statement: “Download and print a PDF of our complete service offerings.” You need to download a PDF file to learn about their social media services. Enough said.

Here is a list of Twitter handles we’ve gathered that are responsible for the Tweets:


We’re guessing most of them are spam bot accounts. They have unusual profile bios such as the following: “Publicise, publicise, publicise…let no cool thing evade your eyes, and publicise, publicise, publicise :)”

Ok then. Also, one of the accounts uses what looks like a picture of Ashlee Simpson as its profile picture.

Interestingly enough, even if one does take the “bait” and goes to the film’s website, there is no contact info where a member of the media could request an interview.

PRNewser has sent all of the above handles to Twitter’s spam profile, The Content Beast has not returned emails and phone calls as of the time of this post.

UPDATE: Hank Jacobs, COO of The Content Beast, told PRNewser today the company is using both real people and “trying to experiment with software that’s out there,” for the campaign. “It’s still in the experimental phase,” he added.