LA Blogs Pile On Dumb Time Downtown LA Story

The Los Angeles blogosphere was not particularly thrilled with a recent Time magazine story about Downtown Los Angeles’ revitalization–or “Manhattanization” if you’re Time‘s Jens Erik Gould.

The Informer on the story’s insistence that LA Live is at the heart of Downtown’s revival: Given reporter Jens Erik Gould’s sourcing, we understand where he may have gotten the (really quite hysterical) idea that AEG is making downtown a destination for anyone besides Beliebers and Lakers assholes. Guess who he talked to? AEG, AEG’s monster developer friends and L.A. City Councilmember (and notorious overdevelopment nut) Jan Perry, who calls the tacky stretch of Figueroa “an area that can be considered alive 24/7 and be a major center for arts, entertainment and culture.”

Sure, if by culture you mean “American Idol.”

More on the AEG press release from LA Observed: Who on earth assigned this poor reporter the ancient “NY vs. L.A.” story – and then somehow managed to get it so wrong? The piece in question is about the revitalization of downtown, which if you’re relying on Time, is largely the result of L.A. Live. Jan Perry should give this guy a commission.

LAist on the writer’s use of “Manhattanization”: Really. Who is calling it that? The story goes on to dissect a recent Saturday night in DtLA as “Hummer limos cruised the streets,” party goers raced the sidewalks, hopefuls stood in front of nightclubs, drunk people climbed signs and took stupid photos of each other as the Nokia Theatre prepared for the Espy Awards and the Ritz Carlton tower watched over the city like an all-seeing shard in the sky.

The Maven: The fact that people now spend time in downtown Los Angeles is news to Time. The piece recaps the major development that has taken place in the area, which some people have called the “Manhattanization” of downtown. (The Maven asks: who are these people?)

Note to Time: It may be summer, but you still have to do better than this. At a bare minimum, how hard is it to put a call in to 213? Seriously.