LA Blogger Party Tuesday Night


If there’s one thing we’ve come to know about designers over this last year, it’s that an awful lot of you are bloggers. And if there’s one thing we know about bloggers, it’s that an awful lot of you like to drink. So, all you designer/blogger/drinkers in LA, don’t miss this chance to engage all your favorite pastimes at the first-ever Blogger Party tomorrow night, hosted by your UnBeige West Coast editor and the folks at Metroblogging (great local blogs found in a town near you).

We’ll be sucking down cucumber gimlets at vodka emporium Bar Lubitsch from 7 to 9pm Tuesday, trading stories with the bloggerati in hopes of meeting at least one of our internet crushes face-to-face. As always, the first person to identify themselves as an UnBeige reader gets a free drink. Or maybe a frosty little shot. Also, if anyone’s headed to SXSW this weekend (we are!) this will be a great way to lock in a few familiar faces.

RSVP and more information here.