LA Based Chris Kaye at Helm of New Social Media Mag u+me

Adding to a current roster of four digital magazines, New York’s Nomad Editions last Friday launched u+me, a weekly publication that shines a spotlight on social media.

Stories in the inaugural issue, available on a free-trial basis via the Nomad website, include “Match Game”, a look at the new relationship site and a Twitter interview with screenwriter Bryan Lynch. The publication is being edited out of Los Angeles by Chris Kaye, who also has a piece about a Muppet-themed marriage proposal video that went viral. Via the press release:

“With u+me, we want to create a document of social media that’s more coherent than how it’s usually covered,” said Kaye. “Social media is vast and fast, so we’re creating a snapshot of what interests us in any given week. Anything from dissecting a meme to spotlighting a particularly funny Facebook page or insightful Twitter account – it’s all fair game.”

Kaye is working on u+me in partnership with Nomad creative directors Trevett McCandliss and Nancy Campbell. He is also currently a contributing editor for Surface magazine and editorial director of daily e-mail newsletter The Rundown.